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Scope of Services
Predevelopment (Verification Phase)

  • Meet with Owner to view current building.
  • Establish project goals and objectives with Owner.
  • Works with Owner to estimate budget and schedule requirements.
  • Provides Owner with Programming Questionnaire to assist IDC with defining design objective.
  • Arranges Financial Consultant review of Owner provided financial information to determine Church’s safe debt load.
  • Provide Project Manager to review completed Programming Questionnaire to provide preliminary cost estimates.

Schematic Design and Master Plan Services

  • Review completed Programming Questionnaire and provide a preliminary evaluation of the Owner’s program, schedule and construction budget requirements.
  • Furnish Owner with cost estimates for their program.
  • Present, for approval by the Owner, schematic design documents illustrating the scale and relationship of the project components.
  • Develop Master Site Plan illustrating location of present and future facilities, parking areas, recreational areas, and other elements relating to the site.
  • Financial Consultant to develop financing strategy for the financial requirements for the project.
  • Propose fund-raising strategies and supply materials for the Owner to use to ensure a successful project. Provide 20” x 34” rendering.

Design Development Services

  • Incorporate any final changes suggested by the Owner into the scope of work.
  • Architect to prepare preliminary design documents consisting of final design criteria, preliminary drawings and outline specifications.

Construction Document Services

  • Based on the accepted design development documents, prepare, for incorporation in the Contract Documents, final drawings to show the character and extent of the project.
  • Assist the Owner in the preparation of the required documents for approvals of such governmental authorities as have jurisdiction over design criteria applicable to the Project, and assist in obtaining such approvals by participating in submissions to and negotiations with appropriate authorities.
  • Prepare for review and approval by Owner, contract agreement forms, general conditions and supplementary conditions, bid forms, invitations to bid and instructions to bidders, and assist in the preparation of other related documents.

Bidding and Negotiating Services

  • Assist Owner in obtaining bids or negotiating proposals for the prime contract for construction, materials, equipment and services.
  • Consult with and advise Owner as to the acceptability of the prime contractor for those portions of the work as to which such acceptability is required by the bidding documents.
  • Consult with and advise Owner as to the acceptability of substitute materials and equipment proposed by Contractor when substitution prior to the award of contracts is allowed by the bidding documents.
  • Assist Owner in evaluating bids or proposals and in assembling contracts.

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